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Victoria sandwitch Victoria sandwitch
Genoise sponge Genoise sponge
Fresh cream and strawberry gateau Fresh cream and strawberry gateau
Coffee gateau Coffee gateau
Chocolate gateau Chocolate gateau
Chocolate genoise sponge Chocolate genoise sponge
Roulade sponge Roulade sponge
Swiss roll Swiss roll
Cup cakes Cup cakes
Scones Scones
Rock cakes Rock cakes
Madeleines Madeleines
Rich fruit cake Rich fruit cake
Lemon drizzle cake Lemon drizzle cake
Apricot glaze Apricot glaze
 Water icing [<i>glace icing</i>] Water icing [glace icing]
Royal icing Royal icing
Marzipan Marzipan
Praline Praline
Sponge fingers [<i>biscuit a la cuillere</i>] Sponge fingers [biscuit a la cuillere]
Tuiles Tuiles
Cat tongues [<i>langues de chat</i>] Cat tongues [langues de chat]
Cigarette paste cornets Cigarette paste cornets
Brandy snaps Brandy snaps
Piped biscuits Piped biscuits
Shortbread biscuits Shortbread biscuits