Ice cream Vacherin


  • 25cl berry sorbet
  • 25cl apricot sorbet
  • 25 cl lemon sorbet
  • 25cl speculoos biscuit ice cream
  • 1 punnet of raspberries
  • 20 meringue fingers
  • 30cl chantilly cream, lightly sweetened


    step 1

    Place the ring on a cake board, with the cling film side facing down.

    step 2

    Spread the berry sorbet to a thickness of 2cm and even the surface

    step 3

    Bury a few fresh raspberries in the layer of berry sorbet.

    step 4

    Spread another layer of sorbet, this time using a different flavour.use apricot sorbet for this recipe.

    step 5

    Spread a third layer of sorbet,lemon sorbet. Spread into an even layer.

    step 6

    Spread a fourth layer of ice cream, speculoos ice cream for the final layer.

    step 7

    Sprinkle the surface with roughly chopped speculoos biscuits. Freeze to set.

    step 8

    When set, flip the cake and remove the sheet of cling film. Release the cake from the ring. For an easier operation, slightly heat up the sides of the ring with a blow torch, then gently slide the ring upwards. Arrange the meringue finger vertically all around the cake.Use a little Chantilly cream to ensure the meringue sticks adhere to the sides.Repeat the operation until the sides of the cake are completely coated with meringue fingers.

    step 9

    Pipe a lace of Chantilly cream around the edge of the cake.

    step 10

    Pipe a large swirl of Chantilly in the centre of the cake and decorate the surface of the Vacherin with an assortment of red berries.Reserve in the freezer until ready to serve. Enjoy!