Deep-fried fish coated with breadcrumbs


  • Whole fish – 6 (350g)
  • Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Curry powder/Chilli powder – ½ tablespoon
  • Thin tamarind juice – 100ml
  • Water – As you need (I used 150ml)
  • All-purpose flour – As you need (I used 100g)
  • Breadcrumbs – As you need (I used 100g)
  • Salt – As you need
  • Cooking oil – As you need


    step 1

    Take the fishes, clean, and rinse thoroughly. Place them in the pan. Add turmeric powder, curry powder, and salt.

    step 2

    Add the tamarind juice and water. Mix everything well and switch on the flame.

    step 3

    Cook uncovered under high flame until the fish gets boiled and all the water disappears. For me, it takes about 10 minutes. During this time period, in the halfway through, turn the fishes to the next side.

    step 4

    Let the fishes cool down.

    step 5

    . Now take the all purpose flour and add salt to it

    step 6

    Add water time to time and mix well using your fingers.

    step 7

    Make a smooth and thick liquid batter as shown in the picture below.

    step 8

    Carefully take off the fishes from the pan and soak it into the batter you prepared.

    step 9

    Now coat the fish with the breadcrumbs.

    step 10

    Do the same process to all the boiled fishes.

    step 11

    Heat the oil in a deep fry pan and fry the fishes under medium flame until it turns to golden color.

    step 12

    Serve and enjoy this Sri Lankan style whole fish fry with bread crumbs recipe