Mixed grill


  • 1 Rib-eye steak, 10 oz/300gr
  • 1 Gammon steak
  • 2 Lamb chops
  • 2 Chipolatas
  • 2 Lamb's kidneys
  • 2 Big mushrooms
  • 2 Tomatoes


    step 1

    Normally I'd griddle or fry a steak but someone mentioned the whole point about a mixed grill is it's grilled. I tried to resist but I couldn't fault the logic and so the first step was to wack the grill up to heat.

    step 2

    I thought the mushroom and tomatoes would need a bit longer so I halved the toms, oiled the mushrooms and then placed them under the grill as it warmed.

    step 3

    For the meat it's simply a case of halving the steaks, gammon and kidneys - giving the kidneys a core if you think they need it. It goes without saying that they need a good season with salt and pepper, well all except the gammon anyway which i think is fine by itself.

    step 4

    The steak and chop were thick and the chipolata thin so I thought they'd all be fine with 3 minutes a side. It worked out perfectly too with the steak red, the lamb and kidneys pink and the gammon and sausage moist.