White chicken stock


  • 1kg/2lb chicken bones and trimmings to 1.4L /1.5 quart cool water
  • 110g/ 1/4lb mirepoix
  • black pepper, 2 bay leaves, thyme
  • whole scotch bonnet
  • green onions, parsley, fresh ginger,
  • allspice berries and the entire head of garlic with the top snipped off


    step 1

    Cut your mirepoix into large enough pieces (about 1- inch). Arrange whatever other aromatics and herbs you wish to add.

    step 2

    If you have the time, inclination and cheesecloth, arrange herbs and spices into a bouquet garni for easy removal. If you are like me, just put it all in loosely in the pot and worry about that bridge when it is time to cross it. If you want a mildly flavoured stock, you may want to cross the bridge up front with the bouquet garni so that you can remove easily if the flavours become too intense

    step 3

    Turn on gentle heat and cover and allow to simmer gently for about 90 minutes, but don’t just set it and forget it. You may want to remove pepper when it starts to swell before it bursts.

    step 4

    Keep your skimmer or ladle at hand, as well as a strainer (for when the time comes to cross the bridge). The skimmer is shown here, but we both prefer to use the ladle. Use whatever feels better to you. Within the first 30 mins, check for any frothing on top of liquid and skim at intervals throughout cooking. Skimming the scum will produce a clearer stock.